Will COVID Increase Art Appreciation and Art Print Sales?

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Who would have thought we would be longing for a game of Monopoly with the family this Christmas? COVID-19 has changed our world drastically in the short-term, but what will its long-term effects be on society?

A remote working boom could cause property sales to increase outside of the big city as we opt for green leafy suburbs over short working commutes. But if this trend does emerge, what could it mean for the world of art and art prints?

Art Becomes More Important to Us

There is a good chance that we will appreciate art and want it more in our homes. If the number of hours we spend at home increases significantly as we adopt a remote working culture, we will naturally want to create home offices and amazing home spaces. 

More of our disposable income will be directed towards making our homes nicer for the working day, which is likely to include more plants, better office furniture, lighting, and you guessed it – art!

Art will enable us to make our home office spaces truly personal and completely ours. We can decorate spaces to provide us with motivation, therapeutic benefits or simply to bring nature indoors. 

If you have a smaller home but still want to own your own art, why not check out this guide on art for small spaces!

Art Print Sales Increase

As a consequence of the above, art prints will become even more popular than they are today. Not everyone creating a home office is going to go out and buy expensive art for their walls. But they may be more inclined to buy high-quality art prints at a more affordable price.

Just because they are art prints doesn’t mean we won’t all end up with the same prints to decorate the home office. Platforms like VZOW offer artists from around the world to showcase unique designs – and something for everyone’s taste. 

Art Appreciation Grows

You were probably twiddling your thumbs trying to work out how to fill your time more than usual lately. With Netflix releases starting to run a little dry and many of our usual haunts closed for now, we have been relying on remote entertainment a lot.

A silver lining to a sad situation is the number of art galleries that have thrown open their digital doors and welcomed people inside from afar. Many of the best and most exciting art galleries around the world have made their collections viewable for free online with virtual tours.

These online art gallery tours have been exceptionally popular and attracted people who usually don’t go to view and experience art. The work of the galleries might have just scooped a new cohort of art fans eager to visit their local gallery in person. Simultaneously, buying more art and art prints to decorate their homes. 

COVID-19 and Art Escapism 

So far we have talked a lot about how people, society and galleries have adapted to COVID and how this could have a positive effect on art appreciation and art print sales. But there is another aspect that we have yet to address – art therapy during lockdowns.

Mental health is a big concern when people are confined to their homes and lack social interaction with loved ones. One way to ease anxiety and stress is to get creative. And one of those ways is by making art at home. 

People who have never dived in and started creating things may have taken the time to do it with family at home, and realised they love it. It could have unearthed the artists in some people and made them wat to create more art for themselves, or even for commercial purposes. 

If you are a new artist, you can apply to sell your art on VZOW too!

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