Why Smaller Homes Need Art Prints Too

Growing populations that need to live close to cities and major towns for work has resulted in more apartments, shared living spaces and smaller houses. Some people are even choosing to live in smaller properties, such as tiny homes, to avoid the heavy weight of a lifelong mortgage.

With smaller living spaces comes a new wave of interior design. Using methods to maximise spaces and keep them looking fresh, bright and enjoyable to be in. Some people have argued that minimalism helps to keep smaller homes feeling big enough, but that is not always the case.

There is an argument that art prints can be good for smaller properties – and here are the details. 

What Are Art Prints?

Art prints are printed versions of unique pieces of art created by real artists. They come in different designs and themes from city images and florals to portraits and abstract pieces – and much more. 

The quality of art prints has improved due to the printing methods used and technology involved, making art prints a décor investment rather than a poster which is not as durable or long-lasting.

Art prints are predominantly bought by homeowners and renters with a taste for art. Young professionals and families will decorate their homes with art prints to complement their interior design or ignite conversations at dinner parties. 

Busting the Myth About Small Homes and Art

Some people have suggested that smaller homes should avoid using art prints or wall décor in general because it makes small spaces look cramped. To an extent, the logic behind this statement is true because putting an object in a space can make it look busy and smaller. However, that is not the full story.

The right art print in the right location can help small homes feel bigger by drawing the eye away from darker corners and guiding visitors to lighter and airier areas of the home. Art prints are effective at making people notice some aspects of a room and turn their attention away from others.

Overall, it is how you use art prints in a small room that decides how they make guests feel and view the space. To get it right, use the above tips to enhance small rooms with art prints.

Three Top Tips for Adding Art Prints to a Small Property

  1. Keep Them Away from Corners

It is best to place art prints in the middle of walls to avoid drawing the eyes to corners of a small space. Making people turn their attention to the corners of a room can make them perceive the room as smaller than it really is. It is also best to keep the prints at eye level and bask them in natural light.

If you do have a narrow space such as a hallway, making a mini gallery with a line or column of smaller prints can also be a good way to get guests to think about the art, rather than the tight squeeze through the home.

  1. Choosing Right

Some areas of the home just don’t get much light and can look small or feel cramped. If you are going to hang an art print in these areas, it is best to choose a print with brighter colours (as long as it matches your current décor).

As well as choosing a brighter print, it is recommended to choose a smaller and simpler art print without too much going on. Busy prints with a lot of colour or lines may make the area feel even smaller.

  1. Juxtapose Frames

There is a sneaky trick to make your walls look less busy when wanting to add multiple prints. By adding thicker protruding frames to one art print and a flat frame to the one beside it, you can include more pieces without making the space feel cluttered because they appear to sit at different distances.

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