Amrita Tandon: Capturing the Ethereal Essence of Nature in Abstraction

As the Lunar New Year approaches, heralding the auspicious ‘Year of the Dragon’, we delve into the artistic realm of Amrita Tandon, whose recent art print “Dragon Tales” captures the spirit of this celebrated zodiac sign with a blend of tradition and contemporary abstraction.

An Artistic Sojourn from Impressions to Expressions

Amrita’s journey into the art world transcends conventional beginnings. It is rooted in a profound observation of her environment, drawing from a well of memories, experiences, and emotions that have shaped her life’s trajectory. Her initial professional foray into the world of print advertising and ad-film making set the stage for a more profound exploration of art when a move abroad presented itself as an opportunity for growth and discovery.

This period of transition saw Amrita traverse diverse cultural landscapes, absorbing the various aesthetics and artistic heritages presented through museums, galleries, and exhibitions. Choosing mentorship over formal education, she embarked on a transformative learning curve that saw her delve into the rich history of art, studying the techniques of the old masters while embracing contemporary styles and mediums.

Amrita’s early focus on replicating shapes and still life objects gradually expanded to include landscapes and human figures. Through consistent practice, she honed her understanding of color theory and composition, which in turn fostered the development of her distinctive style characterized by abstraction.

The Inspirations That Fuel Her Creative Fire

Nature’s ephemeral beauty serves as the primary muse for Amrita’s works. The shifting landscapes, the detailed intricacies of a blooming flower, or the rhythmic dance of ocean tides—these aspects of the natural world ignite her imagination, compelling her to express her innermost thoughts and feelings on the canvas.

Through abstraction, Amrita finds solace and unveils the harmony within chaos, allowing her to navigate the depths of her subconscious and embrace the unknown. She strives to create pieces that bridge the external world with the internal, invoking a sense of ethereal wonder in the viewer and challenging them to explore reality through a nuanced lens.

The Artistic Process: From Conception to Completion

Her creative process involves deep contemplation, where ideas are fleshed out and assessed for their potential to become a single painting or a series. Each work is a unique exploration of subject, technique, and color. The process is intuitive, involving bold strokes and deliberate mark-making, with the final product often determined by a period of reflection, during which the painting must stand the test of time and satisfaction.

Ideas often strike Amrita during solitary walks by the sea or through the hills of Hong Kong. These quiet moments are opportunities for observation, reflection, and inspiration. Whether it’s a detail in nature, a lyric from a song, or a nostalgic scent, each sensory experience has the potential to spark the creation of a new painting.

The Dragon’s Tale: A Lunar New Year Celebration

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Amrita presents “Dragon Tales,” a print that encapsulates the majesty and mythological significance of the dragon. Known for its symbolism of power, strength, and good fortune, the dragon is a fitting subject for Amrita’s art, which often explores powerful themes through vibrant and dynamic abstraction.

This recent work is an invitation to embrace the energy and optimism associated with the dragon, offering a visual feast that resonates with the festive spirit of the season. The print’s intricate details and bold color palette make it an ideal gift, bringing a touch of auspiciousness and cultural reverence into any home.

Looking Ahead: Current Endeavors and Future Aspirations

Currently, Amrita is engrossed in her latest series, ‘Gia,’ which pays homage to Hong Kong’s captivating waters and stunning coastlines. She plans to delve into themes of self-perception and identity in future works, continuing her exploration of the interplay between self and the external influences that shape it.

Being part of the VZOW community has provided Amrita with a platform to exhibit her work to a broader audience, freeing her from the administrative aspects of selling art and allowing her to concentrate on her true passion—creating.

As we step into the ‘Year of the Dragon’, Amrita Tandon’s “Dragon Tales” emerges as a beacon of cultural storytelling and artistic innovation, a testament to her journey as an artist and a celebration of the new beginnings that the Lunar New Year brings.