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Guide to Prepare Your Artist Statement

Those outside of the art world will think the work is finished when the final brushstroke has been made, the paint has dried or when the photographs have been printed. Those within it know different. The final part of creating a new body of work is to create an artist statement. This article is crucial to help the artist relay the message of their work – and it has many additional benefits. Learn what an artist statement really is, why they matter and how to create the best artist statements in this post.  

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Journey Through Colors and Emotions: The Artistic Evolution of Bonnie Chiang

Discover the inspiring journey of Bonivoyage, from childhood manga influences to a flourishing career in [...]

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Embracing the Narrative Canvas: Cindy Kang’s Artistic Evolution

Explore artist Cindy Kang's journey with VZOW, from her South Korean roots to her emotive [...]

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Amrita Tandon: Capturing the Ethereal Essence of Nature in Abstraction

As the Lunar New Year unfurls, the 'Year of the Dragon' breathes fire into the [...]

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