Creating Art with Love : Visual Artist from Taiwan

On a beautiful afternoon, an exhibition was taking place in the Zhongshan district of Taipei. We had the pleasure of meeting the artist Josephine Shiu, an incredibly pleasant woman displaying 15 pieces of her newest artwork. I was intrigued to discover the meaning behind her new collection.

Tell us about your creative process

At the beginning, I just wanted to have my own collection, yet later I discovered that I could hear my inner voice during the creative procedure, and started to relish this unceasing exchange with myself. By gradually taking note of and reflecting my work’s actual idea, I understood that the starting point of my creation is love, which is the most original drive for my work, allowing me to communicate my own language through creations.

I use the most direct brush strokes and colors to express my inner feelings

Josephine Shiu

Who inspires you to create your new series?

My son is passionate about planets. In the process of learning with him, more connections between the planet and art will be embedded in his mind subconsciously, and this thought will naturally surface in subsequent creation, “I want to draw for more children who are as fond of the planet as he is”, hoping that each child preserves their imagination.

What approach do you use to create your artworks?

During my creation, I try to hypnotize myself and imagine myself as a six-year-old child, and observe things through the eyes of a child. I don’t want to be restricted by the rules and conventions, so I use the most direct brush strokes and colors to express my inner feelings.

In my creation process, I strive to let my works have a sense of life, allowing viewers to feel a kind of tenderness and innocence through them. When I create, I always keep in mind that these works are not only for myself, but also for people who can resonate with me. Therefore, when creating works, I will try to inject more positive energy into it, hoping that the power of love can be passed on from the works.

What do you think about the art scene in Taiwan?

I think that art in the future will no longer have a distance, it should be more integrated into everyone’s life, like now more and more people will let children train in viewing art to increase children’s thinking ability. In addition, more and more people will use art for self-healing, which also contributes to the promotion of art in Taiwan. Of course, you can also say that art is ubiquitous, from personal life style to all kinds of commodities in life, as long as you have the heart, it is art. Therefore, I would say that the art industry in Taiwan is experiencing a boom at the moment.

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