Artist Interview – Loh Soo Mui

Artist – Loh Soo Mui

What Inspires You?

I started my career in photography with an intention to express my inner thoughts through the imprints of images. Through my years of living in harmony with nature , I have learned that the tranquility and harmony are what we have always longed for , hoping that people could take a breather from their hustle and bustle of city life.

Why Do You Make This Type of Art?

My works mostly revolve around black & white genre and on Chinese ink-brush painting photography . They are mainly inspired by the outlook and educational background of my life. I was educated in Chinese schools and I have always loved Chinese poetry and ink-brush painting. Logically, Chinese cultures are merged in my photographic art works through landscape shooting and Chinese sceneries.

Minimalism can be seen as my expression about life. I have always felt an irresistible charm for black &white photography, which I truly believe it expresses the simplicity, flexibility and essence of life .

What Does Your Artwork Represent?

Love ,Purity, Tranquility and Spirit of life

How Do You Make It?

The formation of an artwork is not about how do “make it” ? Instead , it is the sublime of spiritual expression. Such are the representation of the creator’s thoughts and emotions. Seldom do I take a picture for the sake of fulfilling a preset theme; instead, I feel possessed from deep within to press the shuttle, presenting my inner self through the outside word.

Studio space

What Does Your Art Mean to You?

My artworks represents my spiritual world , it contains my thoughts, emotions, values and my life .It’s full of enthusiasm for the world and live to life.

How do you intend to cultivate a collector base?

Communicate with collectors about my art and ideas . I will invite those people who like my arts to subscribe my facebook and instagram to take part to discuss my art pieces .

Could you describe your style in 5 words ?

Minimalist , Clean , Real, Fine Art , Simple

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