Where Can Artists Sell Their Work?

Creating art can be something you do for the internal joy and intrinsic rewards, but for serious artists that want to make a career from their work, they need to find a place to display and sell their art.

Artists can, of course, sell their work directly themselves by renting stalls at markets, attending art fairs,  setting up shop in their garage or by sitting on street corners. However, this can be tricky. You may need a permit, have to pay for the opportunity to sell publicly, or some other inconvenience.

There are other places that artists can sell their creations – and this post is dedicated to making you aware of them.

Sell to Art Print Stores

Art prints have overtaken posters as wall-fillers in homes around the world. An art print is often more unique and developed with better quality, making it a good match for artists wanting to highlight every brushstroke or fine detail.

The best art print suppliers need artists to help them fill their digital shelves and provide more options for consumers. Some suppliers will pay artists commission for each of their works sold, and others will pay outright to sell their art as an art print.

Potential earnings may be an important factor, but so should exposure. Try to seek out art print stores that feature their artists and give credit to them for their creations. VZOW is one art print store that does exactly that!

Sell to T-Shirt Designers 

A similar place to sell art and drawings is a t-shirt printing store. Head to your local t-shirt printers and see if they are accepting artistic works. Going local is often an effective idea because many print stores of this kind will support local artists and want a constant stream of new ideas. 

Just remember to take your portfolio along on the first visit!

Sell to Craft Cafes

A trend is emerging of cafes that sell plant pots, mugs and other potteries to visitors for them to paint. This is an excellent opportunity for artists making things out of pottery or clay to also find a space to sell their work.

Note, many of these cafes also have in-house pottery experts and you will need to offer something unique to get their attention.

Make Your Own Online Marketplace – or Join One!

If the above ideas have led to dead ends, there is always the opportunity to take your art online and sell from one of the many marketplaces. Etsy, Amazon and similar platforms welcome new businesses and you could use them to sell your art around the globe. 

Or, you could even make your own website with an online gallery if you want to go the e-commerce route alone. 

Sell to Galleries

Just because fighting for wall space at a gallery is competitive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Send your latest selection of works, along with your artist’s statement, to a local gallery who has a reputation for featuring unknown or emerging artists to get the best chance.

If they don’t offer to pay, still take them up on the opportunity to generate exposure. This is when having your own online store is advantageous as you can direct admirers to your site. 

Submit Your Work to VZOW, Today!

VZOW is one art print store that will give you maximum credit and exposure for your creations. Speak with us today to find out more and let us know what you can offer our art-loving buyers!

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