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Nora, the artist behind DWD (Drummer Who Draws), is a Hong Kong-based illustrator known for her imaginative and playful style. Her artwork often features surreal elements, transforming everyday objects or locations into something magical and unexpected.

Drawing inspiration from her travels to various cities, Nora’s artistic muse is deeply rooted in her home of Hong Kong, where she has resided for over a decade. It is within the bustling streets and familiar sights of this vibrant city that she finds endless inspiration for her imaginative artwork.

Nora’s goal is to inspire her audience to think outside the box and break free from conventional boundaries. Through her art, she encourages viewers to appreciate the beauty and wonder of ordinary places and objects, fostering a sense of excitement and joy. She aims to spark a fresh perspective and ignite the imagination, inviting others to explore their surroundings with curiosity and a newfound appreciation.