The madam with polka dots skirt


Artist: Safir

Desciption: La Mousmé also known as La Mousmé, Sitting in a Cane Chair, Half-Figure (with a branch of oleander) was painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1888 while living in Arles, which van Gogh dubbed “the Japan of the south”. His work was inspired by Pierre Loti’s novel Madame Chrysanthème and Japanese artwork, van Gogh painted La Mousmé, a well-dressed Japanese girl. Van Gogh said of portrait studies, such as La Mousmé, “the only thing in painting that excites me to the depths of my soul, and which makes me feel the infinite more than anything else.”
“The madam with polka dots skirt” artwork was inspired by the painting La Mousmé by Vincent van Gogh and is a contemporary reinterpretation. The complementary use of color is intended to be symbolic. By using the contrasting patterns design of polka dots and lines, and complementary colors of different tones of orange and blues, the audience becomes enchanted by the work’s energy and intense atmosphere. The bright colors of the dress, complementary shades of blue and orange, stand out against the spring-like pale turquoise green in the background. “The madam with polka dots skirt” outfit is a blend of modern and traditional. Regarding her features, her expression is a blend of mysterious and mischievous, her attention is focused on the audience, giving her the air of a woman’s hidden toughts. The young lady’s posture mimics that of a flower. The flowering, like the woman, is in the blossoming stage of life.

Type:  Original Art

Medium: Professional Graded Oil Paint

Style:  Impressionistic

Subject:  Portrait

Year of Creation:  2021

Size:  35.0 x 49.0 cm

Ready to hang:  Yes

Signed:  No



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Safir born on 23.11.1987 gained over years of study in faculty and master studies, the experience and values necessary for any artist, and also considers that the diversity in ideas and concepts is an essential addition to the development and introduction of "innovation" in the Art World: "the image creates the most magnificent cocktail of effect and sensation". My creations include traditional painting, figurative or abstract, original concepts, photography, photo - manipulation, and digital art. On the one hand, I give free will to the flow of evolution and informal gestures, stimulating disintegrative forces, and on the other hand, clarifying forms of human traits, these wandering spirits are pushed to the limit of a symbolic dialogue with the audience. Substrate raises topics of psychological, philosophical, mystical, mythological, fantastic, romantic, literary, mathematical, and metaphorical vision prior to painting, through metamorphosis and anamorphosis of the figurative to the abstract images, from real to imaginary. "Diversity and originality are two concepts that characterize me. When someone chooses to go on a single road, his vision is blurred and he will not notice anything around him, this happens in art also, so I chose not to follow only one "art direction", instead I diversify my artistic approach. One thing can be recognized in my work and this is the personal touch of my style, this does not change, it's a personal and artistic DNA. Beyond the looking glass, you will see the real me. "(Safir)
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