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Giacomo Sovrano

Giacomo Sovrano (aka Omono) is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer born in Rome, Italy. After graduating in Advertising, he spent two years working as an art director in a creative agency in Rome and three years in London as a brand designer.

Despite his experience in the advertising field, Giacomo felt that something was missing in his artistic development on an intimate level, and that working for a corporate company wasn’t his call. So he decided to move to the English countryside on the Jurassic Coast, where he started his own business by creating and selling illustrations to local art & crafts shops by the sea.

His work is influenced by the Art Deco style and by the fascinating Sun Print technique, that gives shades of blue to some of his visual representations. The soft atmosphere of his work recalls a very intimate feeling that he’s been trying to portray for a long time, a feeling of calm, stillness and protection, that only when he moved to a quieter lifestyle he finally managed to capture’.