Bonnie Chiang

Bonnie Chiang is an artist and a calligrapher born and raised in Hong Kong. After graduating with a Degree in Fashion Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she continued to pursue a Master’s degree in Illustration and Animation at Coventry University in the United Kingdom.  

Her art combines reality and fantasy heavily inspired by human emotions, femininity, nature, and life occasions. With striking colours, minimal lines, and abstract silhouettes, she creates visually stimulating and abstract images to trigger audiences’ imagination to relate, wonder and reflect. Her hope is to bring new perspectives to audiences by guiding them to discover beauty, enlightenment, and comfort with her art.  

Bonnie’s artworks have been exhibited in Italy (OM Arts International 2016), Perth, Australia (Raw Artists 2019), Hong Kong (The Affordable Art Fair 2021 and The Fringe Club 2023). She was also long-listed in the fashion illustration FIDA Awards 2021.