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Ann Wong

 I started drawing early as a child. My artwork is recording every single moment of growth in my life. I keep learning and turning the new equipped  skills into my art pieces. I explore new experience by using different media, papers, and even the simplest tools. Though without  specific goals and ambitions, drawing is my true passion in life. The themes of my art works are diversified. I draw simply due to the enjoyment and during painting. I hope to share this joyfulness with others when they view my drawings.  

The series of “streaming LINES” painting in acrylic is my signature artwork, which is characterized by a rhythmic arrangement of lines. The series relates to the same way that we flow with life. The streaming lines are representing those ups-and-downs, and the unpredictable meetings and departing of our lives. I believe good art conveys messages and stimulates people, just like music. The lines run intuitively and sometimes represent the rhythm of my thoughts at the painting moment. The compositions of the lines invite the viewers to reach their own conclusions about what they may represent.  

I am also devoted to botanical and sparrow realistic drawings recently. Botanical art is a way for me to observe and to connect to nature. Every time I study the details of a plant or a sparrow, it takes me back to the moment. I really enjoy drawing the details of petals of flowers and feather of sparrows with colored pencils or watercolor. My mind can be slowed down by attuning to the exquisite beauty of nature and I just love that kind of feeling it conveys. Cameras and other modern digital ways can never replace the details picked up by human eyes and other senses. I hope to  publicize these paintings and to transfer the excitement of doing them to others. I will surely continue to produce good artwork, especially when knowing people like them.