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  • Luggage
  • Causeway Bay
    Causeway Bay
  • Soldier Lee
    Soldier Lee
  • Green Robotic Monster
    Green Robotic Monster
  • California Dream
    California Dream
  • Dog Wearing Pearl Earrings
    Dog Wearing Pearl Earrings
  • Walking on shards - African elephant
    Walking on shards – African elephant
  • Queen K
    Queen K
  • No.12
  • Song Bird
    Song Bird
  • Secret Garden
    Secret Garden

NFT Art Sells for Over $69 Million

Christie’s has become the first major auction house to sell an art NFT with the piece fetching $69.3 million. Learn about this landmark art NFT sale here.

How Do New Artists Price Their Work?

Pricing your artwork is one of the most complicated and even stressful decisions facing emerging artists. When you are working with galleries and on marketplaces for the first time, it can be tough to know what your art is worth.  In this guide, we look at some of the mistakes new artists make when pricing […]

Olympic Medals for Art – It Really Happened!

Was art once part of the Olympics? Yes – art used to be part of the Olympics, including painting, sculpting, literature and music.

Beyond Future Art Prize

Beyond Future Art Prize makes global call for artists to share visions for sustainable future The first Asian art prize dedicated to sustainability, open to creative talents around the world. Beyond Future Art Prize, jointly presented by Studio 83, VZOW, and Road Angel, launched a global call for visions for a sustainable future. The Prize is […]

Artist Interview – Sergio Capuzzimati

Sergio Capuzzimati is an Italian architect and photographer based in Hong Kong.
His architecture background has for sure a lot of influence on his photography: through his lenses he’s exploring the infinite scenarios that a city like Hong Kong is able to offer.