Ex Machina – Black Spring


Artist: Safir

Desciption: This work was inspired by the artwork “Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli and it is transposed in a contemporary atmosphere where the surreality of electronic devices are part of everyday life. The structure of the painting is intertwined with the geometry of the space found in the art of modernists like Braque or Picasso.
Although the work is inspired by Botticelli’s creation, similar in some aspects, the painting is realized in antithesis to Botticelli’s concept: although it has the same placement of the characters, the representation is modern and contemporary and alludes to multiple subjects: sustainability, racism, discrimination, consumption, abuse and excessive convenience of Electronics, the danger of waste left by humans, the energy blackouts announced in the near future, global warming, and last but not least to the native beauty of black people. My “Venus” representation, is of a woman of color that covers her body with her hands in a gest of candor, she is represented with her eyes closed, an intentional gesture that expresses her disgust for all that surrounds her (cables, radios, telephones, antennas, speakers, monitors, all the electric wastes) she appears on a parabolic antenna, a symbol of the fall from the Nature grace, but the blue color of the antenna expresses energy, hope, water and perhaps a possible future. Each of the other characters has a robotic part body hands, legs, jaw, and even their voice seems to be of electric cords: the winds that breathe with energy cords toward “Venus”.The composition actually shows the goddess of destruction instead of love and beauty, arriving on a land filled with electrical waste, on an island of garbage. A Venus born of energy and blown here by the cyborg winds, Zephyr, and Aura, the goddess is standing on a giant blue parabolic, she is met by a cyborg young woman, one of the Graces, who holds in robotic hands an extension cord with ON/OFF button, like a switch or a TV remote for changing the program.

Type:  Original Art

Medium: Professional Graded Oil Paint

Style:  Impressionistic

Subject:  Portrait

Year of Creation:  2023

Size: 148.00  x 204.00 cm

Ready to hang:  Yes

Signed:  No



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Safir born on 23.11.1987 gained over years of study in faculty and master studies, the experience and values necessary for any artist, and also considers that the diversity in ideas and concepts is an essential addition to the development and introduction of "innovation" in the Art World: "the image creates the most magnificent cocktail of effect and sensation". My creations include traditional painting, figurative or abstract, original concepts, photography, photo - manipulation, and digital art. On the one hand, I give free will to the flow of evolution and informal gestures, stimulating disintegrative forces, and on the other hand, clarifying forms of human traits, these wandering spirits are pushed to the limit of a symbolic dialogue with the audience. Substrate raises topics of psychological, philosophical, mystical, mythological, fantastic, romantic, literary, mathematical, and metaphorical vision prior to painting, through metamorphosis and anamorphosis of the figurative to the abstract images, from real to imaginary. "Diversity and originality are two concepts that characterize me. When someone chooses to go on a single road, his vision is blurred and he will not notice anything around him, this happens in art also, so I chose not to follow only one "art direction", instead I diversify my artistic approach. One thing can be recognized in my work and this is the personal touch of my style, this does not change, it's a personal and artistic DNA. Beyond the looking glass, you will see the real me. "(Safir)
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Packaging Dimensions 153 × 209 × 8 cm



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