Stella Lin

Stella Lin is a London-based designer and illustrator who works in the licensing and merchandising industry. She oversees artworks from international licensees and creates bespoke design for the Character Licensing Business. 

Stella has been in love with drawing since she was little. She enjoys creating funny and lovable characters to bring readers happiness. Seeing design as a process of reflection, Stella is able to assign a unique voice to each character she creates. All the drama in life spices up Stella’s creativity wherein lies the charms of her characters. The three bunnies, Mayo, Beer and Mame are always goofing around Bunny Konbini, a Japanese convenient store where they work at. In particular, the gang fancies getting up to mischief together and spreading good vibes to others like peanut butter. 

Upon graduation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Stella was awarded the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award and attained her master degree in Communication Design at UAL Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Stella’s works have been displayed in solo exhibitions around the world, including Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Denmark and the UK. Part of her professional experience includes working as a character designer in Japan where she also acquired and practiced her clay modelling skills.


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