The process of my paintings is borne of an image popping in my mind, which must be immediately documented or it fades. My love for digital painting started while experimenting with photoshop tools, usually starting with line work it ends up with hundreds of layers in photoshop.
I started by selling my paintings to friends & word of mouth clients. That progressed to getting requests from friends who were decorating new apartments to random facebook friends to make a bespoke painting to go with the decor or some thoughts in their minds or even the need of filling up an empty wall!
Feeling like a sponge gathering several symbols, shapes, colours, textures, patterns and themes from the clients minds I connected them to each other through object relation. Which cannot be sensically described or explained, just certain things seem to relate to each other!
I am a creative and disciplined graphic designer with substantial freelance experience as well as full time jobs in varied sectors like MNCs, start ups, NGOs Collaborates with private and commercial clients to discover their styles, developing designs based customer’s natural preferences. Detail-oriented and conscientious project manager meets deadlines and budgets.

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