How to Choose an Art Print as a Gift

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So, you’re ditching the Christmas socks, birthday gift cards or other impersonal gifts this year and opting for an art print instead.

That is an excellent idea. Art prints make fantastic gifts because they are often unique, can match the receiver’s personality, and are suitable for any occasions. 

Whether you are heading to a wedding or moving the kids into their new home, here are the three biggest questions to ask before choosing an art print as a gift.

Types of Art Prints You Can Buy

But before we dive into that. You first need to understand the array of art print options available. Art prints can be sorted by the medium the original art was made in, such as watercolour, digital, oil, and more.

After that, there are different categories of art prints. At VZOW, we sell 12 different styles of art prints to ensure every buyer can find what they are looking for, as a gift or for themselves. Some of the popular choices include abstracts, city images, florals, landscapes and food. See them all here!

Three Questions You Must Consider

  1. What Does Their Current Décor Suggest?

Next time you pop round to your friend’s home, take note of what their current décor choices says about him/her. Do they have a sleek and contemporary feel or are their spaces bursting with colours and different textures?

Of course, if they already own art or have art prints on display, this will be a huge giveaway into what they like. However, you may also want to ask a question about their current art because it may be that someone else bought it and they are not overly keen on the piece. A natural conversation about art at any time may just reveal all.

  1. What If You Never Go to Their Home?

Not everyone can use the above technique to judge what are prints they will like because not everyone gets to visit them at home. This is often the case with colleagues or with friends or family living far away. 

In these instances, consider their fashion sense to give you an idea of what they enjoy. What colours do they wear? Do they like to blend in with the masses or are their clothes out there and bold?

  1. What Type of Personality Do They Have?

If you are still worrying you haven’t got the info you need to choose the right art print at this point, it is time to consider their personality. Are they shy and quiet? Loud? Funny? All of these things can tell you about their likes and dislikes.

It is also an idea to look at what books they read, music they listen to and their hobbies. All could give you a eureka moment when shopping for the art print.

How to Use Your Findings

When you have answered these three questions, you can use your answers to match with your options. Modern and stylish people tend to choose abstract art, city shots and darker colours. While loud people who enjoy colours and textures like the same from their art. 

If you are still struggling you can try and describe your loved one in three words, and then do the same with the art prints that make your shortlist. 

However, this is not always guaranteed to work every time and a casual chat about art may give you the best ideas for your art print gift.

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