Auberon Kuo

My artwork represents both retro and future, smooth and lossless feeling



What Inspires You?

I like to observe the symmetry and bi-relational things around me, and find that many things are beautiful and harmonious because of the law of golden ratio;  I also pay attention to the relationships and collisions between various materials to create various organic states. Every day, I have the habit of browsing design websites, and with the observations I have accumulated, it becomes the source of inspiration for my creative works.

Why Do You Make This Type of Art?

I likes surreal and futuristic styles, for example: Cyberpunk, Steampunk, which represent a state that is both retro and futuristic, disordered and minimalist, destroyed and rebuilt; By synthesised after 3D modeling, creating the sense of randomness in harmony, and achieve a harmony at random.

What Does Your Artwork Represent?

My artwork represents both retro and future, smooth and lossless feeling; I don’t limit one medium to one form, and I want the collision of all this objects happened to create something new.


How Do You Make It?

Basically, it is created with software, such as: C4D, After Effects and Photoshop; some of the artworks are hand-drawn or photography mixed with digital composition. In fact, most of my artworks captured frames of motion graphics. Through those captured moments, something unexpected would happen.

What Does Your Art Mean to You?

I don’t limit myself to only one creative method, I prefer to collide medium and method with each other to produce new things, and combine the elements of  traditional and modern; Since I studied Fine Art in University, but at the same time, I like Digital Art, that’s why I injected some of the traditional art skills to build up my digital works, to create a perfect harmony product. 

How do you intend to cultivate a collector base?

By sharing my motion artworks online. 


Are there any difficulties you encounter in the process ?

Actually, like most creators, inspiration is the most important, only when you can capture the moment of inspiration.  Learning new tools to create my digital artworks is also essential nowadays; nevertheless,  a high-performance computer is important for the creation and rendering process, just hope it won’t crash in the middle.


Could you describe your style in 5 words ?

Retro, Future, Destruction, Minimalism, Harmony

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