Collector Interview – Lisa KW Chan

Collector Interview Lisa KW Chan

Where did you usually get your inspiration from?

I used to get inspired by children’s story books and manga (especially those by Kaori Yuki, Naoko Takeuchi, Clamp and Takeshi Obata). These days I draw my creative energy from music – the lyrical and lush harmonies of Rachmaninov and Chopin, as well as Bach’s polyphonic Fugues. Nature is another great muse for me – seeing beautiful scenery always fills me with awe and serenity.


Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a doctor, INFP, HIIT enthusiast, dreamer, reader, and seeker of beauty. I love teaching my 3 cats to play the piano. White and yellow are my favourite colours.


How did you get into painting?

My mother was my biggest inspiration. I remember being 3 or 4 and admiring her doodles as she spoke on the phone with her friends. She bought me a lot of beautiful picture books, and I would pore over every detail of their marvelous illustrations. 
I became interested in drawing plants and animals, and also started to draw my own cartoon and anime characters (I especially liked recreating characters from Sailor Moon). My mom introduced me to formal pencil sketch classes at 5, then painting classes when I turned 6.
Collector Interview Lisa KW Chan
Collector Interview Lisa KW Chan
Collector Interview Lisa KW Chan

You are an artist as well as an art collector, how would you describe these 2 different roles in your life?

I don’t really consider myself an artist or an art collector, but more of a seeker of beauty in all its forms. Art is one of those forms, which encompasses not only beauty but a multitude of new perspectives. I’m fascinated not just by the end product of art but also the process and the thought that lies behind all the work. I truly think my soul gets enriched by both the creation and the appreciation of what I think is beautiful – whether it be a painting, a piece of writing, a sculpture, or a music composition – and I love sharing this beauty with my friends.

How would you describe yourself as an artist? What is your favorite style?

I would describe myself as an art enthusiast. Both seeking out and creating beauty brings me a lot of pleasure. I tend to be attracted to art that contains contrasting elements, yet is well balanced and comes across as a unified whole. 

As an art collector, how would you make your choice? Do you have any philosophy that you want to share?

I don’t have a professional background in art evaluation or investment, so there are no hard and fast rules I tend to follow. Simply put, I listen to my heart and buy affordable pieces that make it beat faster. 
I believe the real value of art lies in the pleasure it brings you and no one else, so I would suggest collectors to believe in their eyes and not their ears, and to listen to their hearts and not their egos. A good piece of art does not necessarily have to be expensive. Hidden gems are often found in non-profit art centres and small galleries, so do visit them if you are a fan of affordable art. Buying prints is another option when it comes to obtaining good art at a great value.

Do you think art piece is important for a space and why?

For me, art pieces are an extension of my mind and senses, so they’re definitely important to me in my personal spaces. I especially enjoy pieces with stories and inspirational messages. For example, I’ve kept quite a few of my childhood artwork and paintings created by my patients. They evoke powerful and emotional memories whenever I see them, and remind me to always put my best foot forward. Love, beauty and great memories – those are the holy trinity of what a good life means for me.
Collector Interview Lisa KW Chan

Any idea about the next art piece you would like to create/collect?

I’m planning to paint an animal series and to create an inspirational calligraphy line.

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