Artist Interview – MAYURA YADAV

Creativity is a healing force that allows us to tell, our stories in transformative, ultimately joyful ways.

Mayura Yadav

What Inspires You?

I am like a sponge gathering several symbols, shapes, colours, textures, patterns and themes from a vivid range of everyday objects, distant & near memories, connecting them to each other on my digital canvas. To put a name to my inspirations, it would be flora, fauna, travel, landscapes and last but not the least the pretty & gritty feminine form.

The process of my paintings is borne of an image popping in my mind, which must be immediately documented or it fades. I don’t really think consciously when I create, it just comes.

Why Do You Make This Type of Art?

To pursue my love for all things beautiful, I gained formal training in Commercial & Applied Arts and thus began my journey in the kaleidoscopic world of art.

Digital art came to me while working on graphic design projects for clients. Living in capsule cities like Mumbai & Hong Kong where studio space is a big constraint, I realized that I could keep making artworks which do not need physical space. When I am making Art with my mouse on my computer, I know this is what I should be doing.

What Does Your Artwork Represent?

A montage of nature, memories, attitude & just being myself.

How Do You Make It?

Usually starting with detailed line work in Adobe Illustrator after which it ends up with hundreds of layers in Adobe Photoshop. Unlike most digital artist I do not use photographs in my artworks. It’s a painstakingly composed chaos of digital brushes, scanned textures or sometimes hand drawn motifs used in multiple layers.

What Does Your Art Mean to You?

I believe that ART has the transformative power to heal. Creativity is a healing force that allows us to tell, our stories in transformative, ultimately joyful ways. When I make bespoke art for a client I feel like I am in a way helping them give form to their thoughts & dreams.

How do you intend to cultivate a collector base?

I have spent much of my time researching how social media and online commerce can create communities and sustain artists through untraditional avenues. Instagram is an incredible primary platform to keep my viewers engaged with my most recent works.

I want to leverage social media to create art communities, work with curators who promote new art innovations. Collaborate with fellow artists to help promote digital art in general.

Are there any difficulties you encounter in the process ?

Contrary to a common belief digital art is not an easy route to traditional form of art. I am on a constant mission to spread the word that using the computer to draw does not mean less effort. Traditional and digital  methods are valid forms of art that take time, effort, and practice as well.

Could you describe your style in 5 words ?

Organic. Bohemian. Symbolic. Contemporary. Happy.

Artworks by MAYURA

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