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Tracy Chan

I mainly focus on creating the relationship paintings, there was one evening I accidentally came
across some self-love YouTube videos for ladies nowadays, they taught us
how to find the right person, and also because there are many broken-hearts
and divorce cases in our society. It triggers my kind of thinking. I got
inspired by many Japanese, Korean movies and songs; you might say they
portray very ideal relationships. Anyways, you may find out in my
In this collection, I tried to show the different stages and development in a
relationship, ‘first love; ‘honeymoon phase’, ‘Valentines’ Day’, ‘marriage’
In order to enhance the romantic feelings, I have put a flower background
and some of the flowers like Indian clock vine has a meaning of cherish
every moment, I tried to share this message. Some other flowers are in red
color, just happened it’s Christmas period.
Another floral collection that I painted, women always love flowers; I also
get inspired by roses, flowers, garden or countryside. Always feel the beauty
of them! The growth of purple flower from white to purple then gold shows
the transformation of the flower. This was to show the-growth and prospect.
The Buddhist flower, I was inspired by a kind of flower that belongs to
Buddhism. Although it does not look exactly the same as the real flower, I tried to show its brightness.

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