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Sherry is an international 4A advertising art director and artist born in Shanghai. She was selected for the professional group of the 9th National Illustration Biennale. Her artworks often revolve around urban life, covering various forms of expression such as advertising art, illustration, and sketching.

She excels in combining traditional artistic techniques with digital skills on different backgrounds to showcase a unique creative style. Unrestricted by a single form, she continuously explores new techniques to expand her artistic boundaries. she tries to capture the beautiful moments in life to present her innermost thoughts. If faced with gloomy skies and monotonous cityscapes, she would boldly use vibrant colors like a magician, to fill the urban scenery with vitality. Streets are gathered with numerous beautiful fashion boutiques, cafes, and night market stalls. she paints the entire street in broad strokes of red and yellow, using bright colors to decorate the shops, making them dazzle against the backdrop of the blue starry night.

If you encounter dark times in your life, please don’t give up. Hope is to use magical hands to create miracles, give meaning, and let the originally dark world shine with vitality, living a brilliant and unforgettable life, just like these artworks.