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Pinling Huang, born in 1986 in Hsinchu Taiwan. Graduated from Taipei University of the Arts in 2009, and obtained the DNSAP from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2014. Using oil paints as a painting medium. Focusing on the theme of landscapes of the inner world. Was selected as an artist of the competition ‘Jean création’ in Paris, during studying aboard in France in 2012. Works were exhibited in Paris, Prague, Tokyo, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Artist statement:
Painting is a form of remembering. Every work includes a specific moment. They record those unforgettable or vague fragments, representing the unspeakable thoughts and emotions in the form of landscape. Painting is a way to communicate with myself, a medium to bridge reality and imagination. Taking painting as a way to carry memory and imagination, I endeavor to create landscapes that allow the spirit to wander, whilst trying to locate and find a place for myself during the process.