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Ar Chui

Through my food illustrations, I aim to capture the essence and allure of the culinary world, showcasing the diverse flavors and experiences found in small, local restaurants. As an artist, my passion lies in promoting the unique and often overlooked gems that possess a strong sense of human touch, adding to the cultural tapestry of our city.

Using Procreate as my medium of choice, I meticulously recreate the dishes I encounter, striving for a realistic portrayal that not only captures the visual appeal but also evokes a visceral response from viewers. My ultimate goal is to ignite their senses and curiosity, and to inspire them to explore the vibrant culinary scene that surrounds us.

As a slasher, balancing a scientific career with my artistic pursuit, I find solace and inspiration during my daily commute on trains and buses. It is within these moments that I immerse myself in the act of creation, translating my culinary experiences onto the digital canvas. I sketch, I refine, and I infuse each stroke with the flavors and emotions that the food evokes within me.

Beyond the confines of my daily routine, I also embark on journeys, both near and far, seeking new flavors and cultural encounters. I sketch and document my experiences in various restaurants, capturing not only the dishes but also the ambiance, the people, and the stories behind the food. Each illustration becomes a visual testament to the vibrant tapestry of our gastronomic world.

Through my art, I aspire to create a connection between the viewer and the culinary experiences I depict. I aim to tantalize taste buds, ignite memories, and celebrate the diverse tapestry of flavors that make our city a dynamic and culturally rich place. Ultimately, my dream is to transform “painting” from a side job into a permanent vocation, achieving a harmonious balance between artistic fulfillment and financial stability.