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Alice Tsang

Alice Tsang Hiu Tung, (b. 1996) is a contemporary visual artist, visual communication designer and illustrator.experience journey creator. Her works convey thoughts through materials encountered in daily life and involve tactile experiences. She believes the power of art that heals, gathers and connects, grounding living creatures and spirits, could extend to the social and the circular system.

Tsang’s practice are facing towards awareness, reflections and knots of daily dust in the tiny touches around daily. Addressing how they can be transformed in another form of the dusty fast and herself. Sentient becomes media rather than aesthetics goals.

She received a grant from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council for a solo exhibition titled I’m Watching Your Photosynthesis in Taiwan, and participated in the 2023 editions of Taipei and Bangkok Art Book Fair. Participated in Try Try Zine Residency 2024 from Asia Art Archive, explore different ways of connecting with the body to investigate its potential through zine- making and improvisational dance workshops. Exploring the intimacy of bodily connections, foster a safe space for dialogue with one’s own self, and encourage an experience of the body’s intricate structure while awakening a sense of unity with all things. Won Gold Winner in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change, Gold Winner in Branding for Social Change, associated with Yucolab, Issued by Indigo Design Award in Apr 2023.

Earned a BA in Communication Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her works have been shown in Venice, Taiwan and Hong Kong.