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Hello! I am Vania, the person behind the nickname of ‘20pallette’, (still) a beginner digital artist.

My artworks were made to serve similar purpose like how a concept art does. Almost every time I create, I’d spend time to explore the reasons why this certain scene had to be made, what might or may happen before or after that particular scene. I’d also explore and experiment on mood of the scene; hoping to make them evoke certain feelings.

In short, I make concepts using my art.I started in 2019 and yeah, that’s when my life changed. At first, I tried to paint everything I could but now I’ve became more focused on creating environments. It gives me experience of various adventures as well as an alternative of the real world that I’m living in—I could fly, sit under a magical tree, meet a mythical animal, and even make my own world. Without any worries and helping me to relieve stress.

Artworks that I am showing through Vzow are actually some of my first creations, which have different style compared to my present ones. These artworks marked my first steps on this path, the history which shapes my identity as an artist. No matter how far I’ve been walking on this path, all the footprints behind me were all started there. Being able to share these memories with you makes me really thankful.

Today I might still an unknown artist and I know how the path ahead isn’t going to be easy at all, but I’ll continue to grow as an artist. I want to keep creating. With or without audience, with or without appreciation.

That’s all from me. Have a great day!

A 22 years old who has a lot of big dreams and determined to achieve them, while also learning to be more wise in seeing the world she lives in. An introvert who keeps learning and learning, and never thinks that she’s perfect. She has flaws, which play a part as both her enemies and her friends.

Ever since she was a bit younger than this, she has been interested in digital art (photo manipulation art specifically).
She believes it’s because she fell in love with Adobe Photoshop 8 years ago and been using it for many purposes (like school assignments, school events, and mostly for creating things that she declares as ‘my art’). Added to that, she also admires photos–the absolute reason why she decided to learn and create photo manipulation art. For her, photographers are really cool. They can share what they see, think, and feel through their camera and she wants to become like them as well.

She wants to be able to portray what she thinks, she feels, and she sees through art. That’s why she really loves this hobby of her and wants to become an artist. It’s her long-time dream. How colors, element like people’s expressions or a cute smile of a dog deliver her feelings is something that she finds really interesting.

She likes to speak, through her creations.

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Black, White, Wood


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