Nick Prodromou

Nick Prodromou is a freelance artist based in London, UK. After graduating from his graphic design course in 2017 at Camberwell College of Arts, Nick began his freelance journey focusing on digital art and design. Using the skills he learned at University, Nick has since worked to create art and logos for clients including Boomerang and The Slow Mo Guys. Towards the end of 2018, Nick began to shift his focus to traditional art. Since then, he has been experimenting with different media such as acrylic, gouache, oils and resin. His paintings focus on shining a new light to pop culture characters.

Past exhibitions / group shows / online shows:

  • Larger than Life, Online show @ Gallery 1988, 2022

  • POP PORTRAITS, Online show @ Gallery 1988, 2021

  • Currents, Online show @ Gallery 1988, 2021

  • Let’s Make This Milhouse A Milhome, Online show @ Gallery 1988, 2020

  • Unison Group Exhibition, 2019

  • Cluster Illustration, Ugly Duck, 2019

  • Cluster Illustration, Creative Debuts, 2017

  • FdA Graphic Design at UAL: Camberwell Final Exhibit, A Nice Pair, 2017

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