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Maria Barchan

In my work, the main idea is a non-standard approach, an exit from the matrix, the destruction of patterns and boundaries. This non-standard approach concerns everything: the idea of the painting itself (a series of birds) or the use of a new style in painting (landscapes), as well as inspiration and self-realization.

Every job for me is a new stage of development, even, it’s a conflict with myself to become the best version of myself.

In my painting, first of all, I self-actualize, splashing out on the canvas my inner state and vision of this world. For example, in the series of birds, the main idea was the understanding that each person is unique and consists of a combination of ordinary things. We all consist of the same qualities, but in different forms and proportions. Or the example of “Blue Mountains” – here I was inspired by the color, as Impressionists. The extraordinary depth and transparency of blue, even though it is the color of the mountain, not the sea, bright yellow clouds and textured strokes fill this artwork with air.

The purpose of my work is to show that I am not just a talented and creative person, I am a philosopher, a student of nature. I am looking for and finding relationships in this world and society. Self-improvement is an integral part of my life and I encourage every person to have such an attitude towards themselves and their lives. Constantly develop, do not stop there, never give up. Always remember that everything exists for us as a potential opportunity. With this philosophy of life, I am never bored or lonely. My creativity is a constant development, I put my whole soul into it.

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