Heehyun is an illustrator and surface designer based in New York, NY. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, she now pursues her MFA in illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. She enjoys exploring new textures and color palettes, trying to convey a narrative in her illustrations.

She loves observing daily scenes and objects around her to discover a new narrative fueled by her imagination. For example, sometimes, She may imagine herself becoming a random object in the room, and she’ll consider what experiences she may have from such a perspective. Even the weird or the ridiculous ideas that she conjures during this process can make sense once illustrated within the four corners of the paper. This is one of the reasons she loves to create illustrations. She also enjoys putting light-hearted humor in her illustrations, and you may find a funny scene or witty relationship between my characters.

The emotions that she feels in daily life are another source of inspiration for her works. Due to their abstract nature, all emotions are shapeless. To describe the abstract idea in a visual form, she brainstorms to find metaphors or symbols and take notes on her phone. Dissecting and expressing common human emotions delicately is not only a process of self reflection for her but also a journey that she can share with other viewers of her works. Her work may elicit empathy or invoke pangs of happiness or satisfaction.

All in all, it is a very productive process. As viewers of her work share their observations and thoughts when viewing her work, she has been able to grow artistically and personally. As an artist, her goal is to consistently discover, imagine, and empathize with others through my illustrations.


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