Capturing the Essence of Urban Life: The Artistic Journey of Sergio Capuzzimati

Sergio Capuzzimati is a renowned artist and photographer on, known for his unique style and innovative techniques. His work captures the vibrant essence of urban life, particularly in cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai. This article delves into Sergio’s artistic journey, his inspirations, and the impact of being part of the VZOW community.

From Italy to Asia: The Beginning of an Artistic Odyssey

Sergio Capuzzimati began his artistic journey over a decade ago when he moved from his hometown in southern Italy to the bustling city of Shanghai. “More than 10 years ago, I moved from my hometown in south Italy to Shanghai and there I started being more and more interested in photography,” Sergio recalls. This initial spark of interest grew into a full-blown passion when he relocated to Hong Kong, a city that offered endless inspiration and opportunities to experiment with his art.

Developing a Unique Style

Upon moving to Hong Kong, Sergio’s fascination with photography exploded. He began to develop his unique style, characterized by the use of multiple exposure techniques. “My passion exploded, and I started developing my style, experimenting with multiple exposure, a technique that allows me to combine two or more shots directly in the camera, giving unexpected and surprising results,” he explains. This technique has become a signature of his work, allowing him to create images that are both visually striking and deeply evocative.

The Inspiration Behind the Lens

Hong Kong serves as an infinite source of inspiration for Sergio. The city’s vibrant streets, bustling markets, and towering skyscrapers provide a rich tapestry of scenarios and situations just waiting to be captured on camera. “Sometimes this ‘maelstrom’ of inputs that come from its streets and bomb your senses can be overwhelming, but every corner, every detail, has a story to tell with a narrative to build around,” he says.

One of Sergio’s notable series, “Communication Breakdown,” delves into themes of alienation and the blurred line between reality and the virtual world. “In these years, I’ve developed a series of nightscapes and cityscapes named ‘Communication Breakdown’ in which I try to depict the sense of alienation and lack of communication in our modern society and explore the blurred line between reality and virtual,” he explains. This series invites viewers to rediscover the power of human connection and serves as a call to action to reconnect with one another.

The Creative Process

Sergio’s creative process varies depending on his approach to a particular project. Sometimes, he sets himself specific assignments, shooting in predetermined locations with clear targets in mind. At other times, he lets inspiration find him as he wanders the streets without a specific plan. “For every session, I select the best shots, then I start with a simple post-production process in Lightroom that normally involves the basic parameters of the photos (brightness, contrast, color adjustments, etc.),” he explains. Remarkably, Sergio’s artworks do not involve any Photoshop or collages; everything seen in his images comes directly from his camera.

Art as a Gift

When asked which of his artworks he would recommend as a perfect gift, Sergio highlights a few standout pieces on “I have to recommend some pieces as perfect gifts. I’d say ‘Hong Kong Boogie-Woogie,’ ‘Flamingo,’ and ‘Metropolis,'” he suggests. These artworks encapsulate the vibrant energy and unique charm of Hong Kong, making them ideal presents for art lovers.

Current and Future Projects

Sergio is constantly evolving and experimenting with his art. While continuing to develop his series of nightscapes and cityscapes, he is currently exploring the use of multiple exposure techniques in portraits and abstract photography. This ongoing experimentation promises to bring fresh and exciting works to his portfolio.

The Impact of VZOW Community

Being part of the VZOW community has significantly influenced Sergio’s work by providing him with a platform to gain more exposure. “Online presence nowadays is fundamental for every artist to gain more exposure, and VZOW is definitely playing an important role in promoting my work and reaching a wider audience, so I’m glad to be part of its community,” he shares. VZOW has enabled Sergio to connect with a broader audience, showcasing his unique perspective and artistic talent to the world.

Sergio Capuzzimati’s journey from Italy to Asia has been marked by a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and a deep connection to the urban environments he inhabits. His work, characterized by innovative techniques and profound themes, continues to captivate and inspire. As Sergio continues to explore new realms of creativity, we can expect to see even more compelling and evocative artworks from this talented artist.

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